Derbyshire Medical Chambers

WHy SHOULD I JOIN Derbyshire Medical Chambers?

Working as a locum can be liberating but daunting at the same time. Derbyshire Medical Chambers (DMC) gives locums a new, more supported way of working.

DMC is a not-for-profit initiative led by experienced Derbyshire GPs working with the General Practice Task Force, Derbyshire.

We are committed to providing a premium service for members and practices, making working as a locum as stress-free and supported as it can possibly be.

What is Chambers?

Chambers is a supportive community of respected medical practitioners; with administrative support, educational events and peer-to-peer mentoring. It is a community that is valued by the system it is working in.

Building local contacts and working as a locum can take time and patience but joining Chambers will mean that you have a ready-to-go system providing sessions, support and professional development which simplifies your working life and prevents isolation.

Chambers organisations work across the UK, and DMC follows the same format as many thriving, well-established Chambers. Experience of Chambers tells us that the model is well-liked and respected by locums and practices alike. Practices value the quality of Chambers’ locums and the administrative support behind it. Regular feedback tells us that practices know Chambers’ doctors are reliable, punctual and of high quality. By ensuring the best quality of service provision and support for our members, we will ensure Chambers is sustainable and will continue to attract new practices and members.

Working in Chambers

When working in Chambers you will be classed as self employed and are free to be as flexible as you like in terms of number of sessions, start and finish times and travel times. You can work in Chambers and have other portfolio roles too. This can include salaried work, OOH, GP partner work, private work, GPwSI, appraiser work, CCG – the list is endless.

We will never demand that you work more than you want to.  Our only rule is that you cannot work as an independent locum as well as for Chambers concurrently.

Why Chambers?

We take care of all your business needs as a locum.

Through our administrative system we will find you work, agree fees and working patterns, set own terms and conditions, pass on all your necessary paperwork, invoice practices on your behalf and calculate and fill in your pensions forms.

You set your own fees, via our dedicated system, allowing for a more bespoke service for members. Practices are invoiced at the end of each calendar month and will then pay you personally. Payments are usually prompt but chambers will chase outstanding invoices for you.

In addition we can help with DBS checks, smart card issues, equipment calibration and mandatory training. We have processes and packages in place to support these.

Whilst relieving locums of this administrative burden is usually reason enough to join Chambers, the most well-received aspect of working in Chambers is the educational support and networking.  We assist with audits, significant events and complaints. We also have regular monthly meetings which are the cornerstone of the local group where we share experiences, glitches, tips, significant events and learning.

Chambers runs as a virtual practice, our members have a wealth of experience so solving a problem is usually only a call, message or an email away.

We can buddy a new member up with one of our experienced members if you wish, to ensure making the transition from trainee to newly qualified GP or salaried/partner to locum is as smooth as possible.

If you are still keen to join DMC please can you forward your CV with details of 2 referees to and we will arrange an interview.


DMC works in Partnership with Derby and Derbyshire LMC. All DMC Members are supported by the LMC without needing to pay and independent levy.The LMC is a powerful voice in the Derbyshire healthcare system, representing GPs and ensuring that they are  properly valued. Membership includes access to advice and resources both via our website and our dedicated and responsive team.

We have also Partnered with FourteenFish, DMC members get discounted access to the FourteenFish appraisal toolkit.

Find more details about the advantages of DMC by clicking here.