Sessional Meetings

Make sure all your DENs are covered by DEN-S!

DEN-S sessions run in both north Derbyshire at the Education Centre, Chesterfield Royal Infirmary  and in the south of the county at Derby and Derbyshire LMC Offices.

Please see our programme here:

South Derbyshire 2018-19 DEN dates

NEW – North Derbyshire DEN GP Sessions 2019-20

Drug reps sponsored lunches are available at both sessions.

Please note we do not endorse any particular companies or products and actively avoid promotion of products on the subject of the talk in the interest of probity. If you do partake of the lunches, please do chat to the reps. You are, however, welcome to bring your own lunch.

Safeguarding Training

We frequently get asked about requirements for, and access to local safeguarding training. The documents below set these out in detail:

Training Programme for SG children 2019-2020-final