Financial Help

Life is unpredictable and with the increasing stress GPs face it is important you know where to turn if you end up in financial difficulties.

Whether your circumstances are due to ill health, family circumstances or any reason, there are a number of sources of help.

Whilst your situation may feel overwhelming there a number of sources of help to navigate through and find a solution.

Derby and Derbyshire LMC

Your LMC can signpost you to various sources of help whilst providing pastoral support.

Reduction of Professional fees

Most professional subscriptions e.g. GMC / RCP / BMA qualify for a lower rate if you have a lower income. Contact them directly to find details.


There are a number of charities that support doctors (and their families) going through financial hardship. The best website to go to is Help me, I’m a doctor which will direct you to the most appropriate organisation for your needs. They bring together five independent charities that support doctors when they need confidential financial assistance. These benevolent funds provide vital support to help doctors in genuine financial need get their lives and careers back on track.