GP Health Service

The NHS GP Health Service is a confidential NHS service for GPs and GP trainees in England.

The GP Health Service can help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression, or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work.

GPH is not a service for individuals with mental health problems which require specialist psychiatric input though we can help provide additional support where we can.

If you think that you have a mental health problem that requires this level of specialist help you must contact your GP to seek help.

GPH is provided by health professionals who have additional expertise in addressing the issues concerning doctors. These clinicians are available in various locations across England.  NHSE (our commissioners) require that we are able to offer a clinical assessment within one to two hours travelling time.

Access the service by emailing us on or by calling 0300 0303 300. The service is available 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 2pm Saturday.

A local GP who was helped by GP Health says:

“GP-Health provided incredible support when I had severe, disabling work-related anxiety. I saw a specialist GP within days of myself referral. Not only did she listen, understand and support me, but she was able to refer me for CBT. My first appointment for this was less than 2 weeks later. This intensive input has enabled me to return to work with new- found confidence. I has would recommend any GP or GP trainee who is struggling with mental health concerns or addiction problems, particularly when these are affecting work, to access this confidential NHS service.”